About the work

Esslinger paints, draws and meticulously cuts and stacks painted paper to create intricate layered compositions based on organic cell structures, aerial landscapes, and other hidden spaces.

Her approach interjects activity not visible to the human eye into the real space of the gallery. By creating tangible depth and weight in her work, Esslinger illuminates and expands upon microscopic life systems and macro land forms that unveil both scales simultaneously.


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Amie Esslinger is a native of the north Georgia mountains, and daughter of two self-taught southern artists.

Esslinger's palette evokes the energy of the natural world with a sensibility adapted from the outsider art to which she was exposed throughout her childhood. Developing skills working with clay, fabric, and metal on her way to completing a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Georgia State University in 2008, Esslinger brings a textured, three-dimensional approach to her painting and drawing.

While living in Chicago, she began to hone her unique style of layered imagery and stacked paper, which established the groundwork for her current series exploring the intricacies of biological and environmental systems. Esslinger returned to Atlanta in 2015 and continues to conceive and create work employing systematic techniques built around repetition and duplication.